The Beauty of Everyday Things

“Beauty of Everyday Things”

Exhibition at 3daysofdesign
presents together with studio0405 an exhibition that celebrates the Beauty of Everyday Life.
Film: Maya Matsuura
Music: Aya Yoshida Composer

Performance: Ida Nørby

I had my new piece for cello solo last year at the exhibition presented by YŌNOBI and studio0405 in 3DaysofDesign 2020.
The place, the people, the water, the fish, the dog, baby’s crying, the film, the noise on the street, cello’s voice, breathing sound, the beautiful potteries around. I felt all the things were beautiful and melted well together. Thank you for sharing/being part of such a beautiful moment. My personal own aim is in this project to realize myself how much our life is beautiful. Of course it’s not about that all the time, sometimes we face really harsh difficult things and bury our heads in the sand. It’s also the part of our life. However the most important thing is that we all have beautiful memories in ourselves and remember either when it’s good time and hard time.
With my gratitude.
Have a beautiful day.


昨年コペンハーゲンで行われました北欧最大級のデザインフェスティバル3daysofdesignの中でYŌNOBI さん、studio0405 さん、のエキシビションにて日本人写真家のMaya Matsuuraさんの映像と共に、チェロのソロの新作を発表させていただきました。エキシビションのメインインスピレーションは、日本人哲学者、柳宗悦氏の”The Beuaty of Everyday Things” .