Collaboration Project; Utte “Hasami Terazzo”

I composed music for the valuable project called Hasami Terrazzo. They are developing terrazzo made out of waste from pottery. 素敵なプロジェクトの音楽を制作させて頂きました。

Hope you enjoy the video down below to know what’s going on there. They have beautiful dance/folk song in Hasami so that I took it in the music.



Film: Yuta Sawamura

Music: Aya Yoshida

Sound design & Engineer: Mai Sukegawa

Utte team

Megumi Urabe

Saiko Urabe

Yasuyo Ishihara

Ranko Motomura


We launched a new project with a Hasami ware craftsman from Nagasaki, Japan. We are developing terrazzo made out of waste from pottery. It is still in the prototype stage, but we will move toward tile development and product development from now on.We are also very grateful to many people for visiting the Tokyo Big Sight IFFT exhibition and seeing our Hasami Terrazzo.Video with English text will be uploaded soon!!