12 Aug. 2023; Tivoli-Gardens 179 års fødselsdagskoncert

My brand-new piece “Tivoli Fanfare” will be premiered by The Tivoli Youth Guard on 12th Aug. 2023 at the Tivoli Garden’s Birthday Concert in Tivoli Concert Hall. I have written for them for several times before as the house composer, but this time I wrote the piece for the first time all for the whole members of The Tivoli Youth Guard; The Fifes and Drums, the Tivoli Youth Guard Concert Band and the Colour Guard.

I worked to make it a piece in which each of them could play their own unique musical role to the full. For example, orchestration; There is an orchestration called ‘doubling’, which is often used in bands, where various parts play the same melody/part together, but I try to avoid it as much as possible as I want the orchestra to experience the tension, the sense of musical responsibility and a bit more excitement.

I’m not an educator or a teacher but I’ve been trying to find something to pass on to children using these little musical gimmicks. Whether they become a musician in the future or not, how happy it would be if we could create a moment in music that we want to remember again in the rest of our life. It could be a pleasant harmony or a beautiful melody… I have recently been thinking that “living with music” also includes such meanings. Please come join us if you are in the city.

委嘱作曲家を務めておりましたチボリガードのために新作”Tivoli Fanfare”を書かせていただき、来る8/12にチボリコンサートホールにて初演を迎えます。チボリガードは、世界最古の少年少女音楽隊で、鼓笛隊、鉄砲隊、吹奏楽隊の3部隊で編成されています。これまで、彼らには何度か作品を委嘱させていただいたり、先日もアレンジ作品を書かせていただきましたが、これまでは「吹奏楽隊」への作品の委嘱でした。今回の作品”Tivoli Fanfare”は鼓笛隊、鉄砲隊、吹奏楽隊皆さんが参加する作品です。委嘱作曲家の任期は2年で、これが私の委嘱作曲家としての最後の作品となります。


Photo by Jan Oster